Criticism – Good & Bad

The Oxford dictionary defines the word criticism as “the expression of disapproval of someone or something on the basis of perceived faults or mistakes” but what does it actually mean? Is criticism always negative or can it really enable a person to improve himself? Let’s break it down here. Continue reading

Modi: The Messiah?

It was exactly five years ago on the 16th day of May in 2014, when a new hope ushered among the Indian people at a time when not only where they reeling under the scorching summer sun but were also tired of the happenings  in the country.

History was made when a single party was able to secure a majority of its own on the floor of the Lok Sabha after three decades. Adding to this, was the fact that it was the first Non-Congress government securing a majority on its own. The Grand Old Party was decimated to its lowest ever tally after being in power for a decade. Continue reading

हे राही, तुम चले चलो!

हे मेरे राही,

तू चलते चल,

तू बढ़ते चल।

मेहनत से कतराना न तुम,

कठिनाइयों से घबराना न तुम,

हे मेरे राही,

केवल आगे बढ़ते चले जाना तुम।


मुश्किलों के भवंडर में फंस जाना न तुम, Continue reading